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Full Integrated Marketing Plan

From market research to analysis and evaluation, and everything in between. We cut through the smoke and mirrors by creating analytics-based and insight-driven campaigns to help your brand meet your marketing objectives.

Below-The-Line Advertising

We go where your customers are. Our team can help you create customized campaigns that speak directly to your customer, from consumer strategy to on-ground activation, digital production, and social media management.

Above-The-Line Advertising

Getting heard in today’s world is hard enough. Our team combines commanding audio and compelling visuals to drive attention and bring recognition to your brand.

Public Relations

What’s your story? We help you craft your story and build your brand by creating targeted communications that spark meaningful conversations.

Brand Imaging And Development

To build your brand, your story must shine. Let our team help you find your unique voice, shape your identity and create a powerful connection with your customers. Navigating through our hyper-connected world is challenging enough. Let us help you make your brand stand out.

How We Work

Let's Work Together to Create Awesome Projects

Our initial touchpoint, where we hash out what you want and what you need.


We get to the grind and create our targeted, insight-driven, and analytics-backed campaign.


We get your feedback so we can refine your campaign further to help you meet your goals.


We finalize the changes, get your approval, and get your customized campaigns off the ground!

Who We Are

RIGHT CLICK MEDIA, INC. is a creative media agency specializing in 360-degree Integrated Brand Marketing Services. We use the power of analytics to create targeted, insight-driven campaigns that build brands and elevate businesses.

We are a young, dynamic team of highly experienced professionals with deep industry knowledge and a wide network of social and business contacts. We are bound by a common passion: to unlock brands’ full potential, accelerate their growth, and elevate them to the global stage.

Together, we have years of experience working—and excelling—in the fields of advertising, marketing, design, law, and education. Our collective expertise helped us develop an organized structure and a process-centric system that is agile and responsive to client needs and expectations.

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Meet The Team

What happens when a lawyer, a teacher, an artist, and an Integrated Marketing Communications practitioner band together to form a creative media agency startup?

The result is Right Click Media, Inc., an agency that aims to help brands rise above the fray and accelerate their business growth. It is the brainchild of four friends and travel enthusiasts working in different fields, who have come together with the goal to create targeted, analytics-based, and insight-driven campaigns that will elevate brands and businesses.

The company is inspired by the right mouse click menu that opens added functionalities and actions on a computer. Just like its namesake, Right Click Media, Inc. opens opportunities for brands to unlock their full potential through its 360-degree Integrated Brand Marketing services.

Advertising practitioner and Marketing Consultant Jerik is an award-winning advertising digital manager and creative screenwriter for film and television. He is just as passionate for creating powerful and inspiring marketing campaigns as he is for traveling.

Jan Erik De Guzman

Integrated Marketing Director

Mark is a Certified Public Accountant and lawyer by profession. When not wrangling balance sheets and providing legal counsel, he dons his trusty tsinelas (slippers) to go on trips around the world.

Mark Julius Estur

Business Development Director

The world is a school, and Carla finds joy in learning from it through the eyes of an educator, a traveler, and now, as a new mom. When not molding young minds as a music and arts teacher, she gets lost in charming little towns and bustling cities.

Carla Sangoyo

Client Services Director

Christian is an architecture graduate who uses his creative skills and design know-how to capture the soul of a place in photos and words. His work as a travel photographer and writer won him many awards in the local and international photography and blogging circuit.

Christian Sangoyo

Creative Director

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